The famous actor is died! He was hailed as "Grassland Wang Ye’s professional households", once starred in "Swordsman"

The famous actor is died! He was hailed as "Grassland Wang Ye’s professional households", once starred in "Swordsman"

In the morning, a sad news came, and the famous Ewenki famous actor was died in this morning, and the year was 61 years old.

His representatives include movie "old beasts" "bid", TV drama "Swordsman", "Song", etc.

In February 1960, it was born in Hailar District, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia.

In 1985, he participated in the first movie "Genghis Khan" to enter the entertainment circle. There is a top-growing grassland advantage, and the coat often plays extraordinary in film and television works, and the sweat of eight faces is in the role of Wang Ye, known as the grassland prince professional.

Whether it is "sad Brooke", the grassland man is still "a generation of Tianjiao Cheng Ji Khan", "stopping the killing" emperor, the killing of the crucible, or "the long song" in the "Song" is arrogant Wang Ye, the extraordinary princes in "Cannda Mei Lin", coating each time in shaping a fresh and profound role, the history and cultural interpretation of the Mongolian is also exhausted. In 2001, the coating partner Li Yapeng, Xu Qing starred in the costume martial arts TV drama "Swordsman", the Lushan School of the Mushan, who played in his drama, Zuo Chan, a wild, sinister, so many audiences impressed.

In recent years, coatings will focus on movies in the film, and there is a wonderful performance in many literary film. In 2015, the modern plot movie "bid farewell" in his starring was released, and the Ninth First Youth Film Exhibition of the Ninth First Youth Film Exhibition was nominated.

In 2017, it was placed in the movie "Old Beast" directed by Zhou Ziyang to become a branch of the prosperity of the Fortune Era, and its extremely expressive active is recognized by many awards.

The popularity of the popularity also challenged the director’s identity and directed and leads the stamping of the movie "Tian Road is not". The last work in front of the past is the "Wuhai" who just released the Zhou Ziyang movie that was just released.

At present, the coating also has "Shangshan" "Happy Tour", "the last truth" "The Tiandao is not a" four other films.

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