The first batch of cabbage into Beijing, Yue Zhuanglinxi, the poor

The first batch of cabbage into Beijing, Yue Zhuanglinxi, the poor

Original title: Yue Zhuanglinxi poverty alleviation giving a news (Reporter Sun Ying) Yesterday, a truck full of 20,000 cop cabbages slowly entered into the Villa wholesale market in Fengtai Yue, from The first batch of mature vegetables in the Green Vegetable Planting Base of the Green Vegetable Planting Base of the Green Vegetable Planting Base in the Green Vegetable Planting Base of Yuexia Town, Limen City, Inner Mongolia, will have nearly 30 tons of cabbage to Beijing. The 400-mu of vegetable bases not only carrying more than 140 poor hopes of new people in the new people, but also draws blueprints for the upcoming Beijing Yue Villa Agricultural Products Forest West Logistics Distribution Center. "I have already sold 2000 pounds!" Yue Qizhuang wholesale market vegetable lobby merchants Xu Lei said that the market and Linxi cooperated to cooperate with poverty alleviation projects, and the market is also promoted. This time I heard that I will go to a batch of cabbage. Xu Lei booked 3,000 pounds.

"Although it is not very good because of the hail of the halo, because the market is guided, the supervision planting is green and polluted, and the circle of friends will be called, it has been bought 2000 pounds!" Said his WeChat In again, the new order came again.

  Xu Lei and Yuezhuang Wholesale Market Merchants are busy selling cabbage, and there are more than 600 kilometers of new civilians in Beijing. Liu Guiqi, also busy in the vast vegetable field. The 69-year-old movement of Maili, bending waist, and a round cabbage was cut down. "Before and the villagers were all kinderian corn, and I went to the forefront of the year, I went to the money, and the days were fast.

Beijing people are here, my land is also flowing, or the land of the Danfield is alive, and the months can see the money! "Liu Guin is now as long as the base is called, and it has taken more than 5,000 yuan for more than two months.

"The family has added a double bucket washing machine, the rice cooker, the electric fried pot, the baking pan, the big firewood is no longer, the life is much faster!" The green vegetable planting base not only makes a poor household such as Liu Guiqi has stable income, but also "Green Power" that condenses the villagers return home.

40-year-old villagers Lu Yanying did not expect to keep the house to earn money.

"I have received more than 4,000 yuan last month, I have earned more than working, and I can take care of the elderly and children!" Lu Yanying told reporters that she used to go to the field, bubble factory, ceramics factory, especially Don’t worry about children at home. "Now I work at home, the future of Yuezhuang market, I still want to see if I can find long-term workers, I heard that many people should use.

"" Beijing sent the project is too good, so that the villagers do do do work, the value of the land has also increased.

"Chen Songjie, secretary of the party branch of Xinmin Village, Guan Di, told reporters that" Xinmin Village has more than 400 households, including more than 140 poor households. " Basic people under the age of 45 under the village are all working in the field, and the 50- and 60 years of stays staying in the village belong to Zhuang. Through the flow of more than 400 acres of land, more than 300 people in the village benefited, and many villages around the village will come in and come in.

"We arranged technicians responsible for technology and management, cabbage, eggplant, celery, pepper, cauliflower and white radish are the most popular varieties of the choice, and the maturity is also arranged in Beijing’s vegetables. Direct supply of Yuezhuang market, on the one hand to help villagers to get rid of rising, on the other hand, also protect the Citizens of the Citizens, and more hope to take the lead in demonstration. "Yue Qizhuang wholesale market secretary, general manager Dai Sensen said, Beijing Yuezhuang Agricultural Products Linxi Logistics Distribution Center will be a modern, informatization, functionalization, comprehensive agricultural and sideline product trading center, opened in the year, will build Beijing Mongolian and sidelinescent products are committed to the initial processing of agricultural products, let more vegetables into Beijing, become the base of Yuezhuang wholesale market, and distribute the green, pollution-free and high-quality agricultural products in poor areas. Project built Not only can Linxi County and even the county of agricultural and sideline products sales, will also drive the peasant to change the planting mode, which is expected to reach 300 million kilograms per year, will also solve the local 200 to 300 people labor, ensure that there is no appearance Retrieving poverty, truly forming a stable depletion mechanism.

(Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).