The military control of the Treaty is finally signed, the US strategy re-game

On June 16, 202, the US President Banedied in the Russian President Putin, in Geneva, and the two sides have issued a joint statement on strategic stability after the meeting, and the strategic nuclear stability has reached a consensus, saying that one of the common goals of both sides is the threat of nuclear war . At the same time, the declaration also mentioned the recent extension of the newly cutting strategic weapons of the two countries, namely the commitment of both parties to control strategic nuclear weapons.

On February 3 this year, US Secretary of State Burlin released a statement that the United States and Russia agreed to extend the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty" for 5 years, valid until February 5, 2026, the treaty content remained unchanged.

On the same day, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement that Russian and American exchanges exchange diplomatic books, completing the relevant internal procedures for the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty" validity period agreement, and the agreement will take effect on the same time. As a uniquely vending military provision between US Russia, the fate of the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty" is highly concerned by the international community. Behind the successful renewal of the Treaty, there is a US Biden government urgently in the form of "overthrowing rebuild", and there is also a strategic appeal in Russia to create an asymmetric advantage.

As the Biden government came to the stage, a new strategic game between US Russia was quietly launched. The "Before the Best" of the Military Control Treaty in April 2009, Obama of the US President was published in Prague, the Czech Republic Prague. In the speech, he promised to be committed to cutting nuclear weapons during its term, in order to achieve a "non-verified" world.

Under the unremitting promotion of the Obama administration, on April 8, 2010, the US Second Year’s Day was returned to Prague on the occasion of the "Uprising Speech", officially signed the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty". Treaty stipulates that the United States and Russia can only deploy offensive strategic weapons in their respective countries, and the two countries must exchange two times about warheads and carrier tools each year. Since 2011, the number of the intercontinental ballistic missiles will be reduced to 700 in seven years. The number of submerged ballistic missiles is reduced to 700, and the number of heavy-duty strategic bombers drops to 700, and the number of nuclear warheads fell to 1550 pieces. The number of deployed and unsigned emission tools used to transmit nuclear warheads is reduced to 800. Compared with the 2002 Strategic Attack Weapons Treaty, this "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty" is greater than the number of reduction of nuclear warheads. In Obama, the signing of the new treaty is an important "milestone" that will determine the process of military control over the world in the next few years. However, as Trump is elected as the US president in 2016, the US strategic focus change to "big country competition". In the context of Turguon Government to expand arms, vigorously develop nuclear weapons, a series of international security treaties have become a "stumbling foot" dragged down the United States to improve military strength. Therefore, the Trump government’s strategic proposition of the armament in the Araba period, began to have no effort to "destroy the contract": In May 2018, the United States announced unilateral to withdraw from the "Iranian Nuclear Agreement"; announcement in August 2019 Treaty; November 2020 announced official to exit the "Open Space Treaty". "Survey and retreat" not only brings heavy blow to the international military system, but also in jeopardizes the destiny of the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty". Since the failure of the "Normal Treaty" in 2019, Russia repeatedly communicated with the United States on the renewal issues of the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty", but the Trump government was always frustrated. As the outside world, the Treaty will be abolished, and Biden’s tops will have a new turn.

United States: "Pushing Reconstruction" is unfortunately in the declaration of the 2020 presidential election, and Bid is openly published its own ruling concept, namely, the "construction of the country" worker, and defending american values ??that help bridge social disagreement.

Although the "Trump Era" has already ended, Trump brings "trauma" brought to the United States.

Interior, the impact of new crown viruses spread to the United States is still continuous, and racism looks at the turmoil of American society.

On January 6, thousands of Trump supporters forced into the Congress building to prevent Senate from confirmation of the President of Biden, which makes the crisis of American society and exacerbation of splitting. Diplomacy, the Triang Government of "US Priority" concept is forcibly "contract retreat", which not only lets the US reputation, but also seriously destroyed the relationship between traditional allies.

At the same time agreed to extend the "New Strategic Weapons Treaty", the gage of the governing month signed a dozens of administration, involving many aspects such as "re-enter the group", repair relationship, prevention and control, etc., almost every policy It is the "pushback" of Trump policy.

And the "New Reduction Strategic Weapons Treaty" is both a try to advocate military control and maintenance of the military system; it is also the starting point of the US image and balance the relationship between US Russia. Since the Cold War, the United States has always been opposed to the armament policy. Different from the US Republican opposition to the military control, support the position of the military competition, the Democratic Party has consistently believes that arms control helps to lock the US military advantage. The Obama and Biden of the Democratic Party are inherited in the military control policy.

After 9 years of political varies, the position of Bunden controlled armaments has never changed. As the "political heritage" of the Obama administration, the restrictions on the number of Nuclear weapons of the US Russian nuclear weapons are still in line with the Biden government’s position.

At the same time, the renewal of the treaty has positive practical significance to the United States.

On the one hand, Trump’s "contractual wind" is greatly damaged by American ally to the US trust in the United States. A series of initiatives that Bynden continued to sign a Treaty and returning to the "Iranian Agreement", which undoubtedly ease the trust crisis that allies produced in the United States.

As the next day of the treaty, NATO immediately frankly and fully supports the treatment of treaties for 5 years, the United States has temporarily stable in the United States.

On the other hand, the modern process of American strategic nuclear power has been behind Russia. It is pointed out that US Russia has an asymmetric cycle in nuclear weapons, if the treaty is invalid, the Russia or the relative advantage is obtained in the coming years, and the extension treaty ensures the effective nuclear deterrent of the United States.

In this context, the extension of the treaty can continue to restrict the development of Russian strategic nuclear power, and fight for the United States to catch up.

Russia: Continuously create an asymmetric advantage is different from the repeated changes in the US government in nuclear strategy, and Russia has always developed the three-in-one strategic nuclear power as the cornerstone of national security.

In November 20020, Putin’s participation in the meeting of the Ministry of National Defense, Federal Agency and Military Complex: "Although military threats are constantly changing, the three core power is still the most important and key guarantee of Russian safety." From 2012 In 2020, the modernization rate of Russian strategic nuclear power increased from 37% to 86%.

In the context of the United States frequently challenge Russian security interests, the Russian military priority develops nuclear power to form an asymmetrical advantage in the United States, which is designed to increasing the competition chips with American strategic games.

The renewal of the "New Strategic Weapons Treaty" not only restricts Russia to speed up the strategic nuclear power modernization process, but in turn brings more dividends to the army of Russia.

During the Cold War, Meixu was engaged in the military competition, and the Soviet Union trapped in the "competition." With the Soviet descendant, Russia, which is still under the wind, is obviously not going to re-take the old road with the US "arms race". In terms of Russia, the Treaty on the number of US Nuclear Weapons is undoubtedly enabled the two countries to jump out of the old road of "winning" in the nuclear power, and the Russia for "winning" is more energetic. .

Many of the "New Reduced Strategic Weapons Treaty" have been lagging behind the development of the times.

In recent years, Russia has invested a lot of effort in the development of new strategic weapons. A series of new strategic weapons, including "Poseidong" unmanned, "dagger" high ultrasound, nuclear missile, is not within the definition of the "New Reduced Strategic Weapons Treaty", but these strategic weapons are nuclear power The blessing will be amazing.

In the future, with the sharpness of Russia in the development of new strategic weapons, the treaty will only become weaker and weaker in the case of the constant content.

In the context of Russian relations, in order to create an asymmetric strategic advantage, Russia will also get far on the road to develop strategic nuclear power.

New development cycle, US Russia relations can’t escape the "ice point" with the Biden government’s online, US Russia relations entered a new development cycle. However, although the United States has reached a consensus with Russia’s renewal issues in the military control treaty, the fundamental differences between the two countries in strategic cognition, international order and ideology are not eliminated. The "Jian Dao Yu Zhang" in the US Russia will also intensify the military confrontation between the United States and Russia. Biden repeatedly emphasized after the victory, we must combine the military disadvantages of NATO in the "Baltic Three Kingdoms – Poland-Black Sea", curb the meaning of Russian military expansion.

Soon after Biden, the United States and Turkish army did not engage in the Black Sea of ??Russia, and the United States claimed that the United States claimed that this is to strengthen NATO’s "asymmetric advantages". The Biden team has returned to the old road "strengthening the existence of Russian forefront". In the future, Russia and NATO’s counter-edge confrontation will inevitably. (Editor: Chen Yu, Tang Song) Sharing let more people see.