Shancun Town, Jinsha County: Following the Supervision and Promoting Cadres’ Writing Education

Shancun Town, Jinsha County: Following the Supervision and Promoting Cadres’ Writing Education

Recently, the Jinsha County Yuancun Township Commission has based on the supervision of the supervision, the reciprocation of the inspection of the responsibilities, strengthen supervision and inspection, and continuously promote the work of cadres and the style of education. Strengthen warning education and build a line of thoughts.

Give full play to people around the people, the warning of the warning, through the convening of the town cadres staff warning education conference, visit the Jinsha County’s clean government construction warning education base, to show the police, to further enhance the discipline and rules of party members and cadres, and build a sense of thoughts Defense line, guide party members and cadres to know the fear, save the fear, keep the bottom line, and understand the political beliefs, and understand the discipline.

Strengthen responsibility, and supervise the responsibility.

The township committee focuses on the focus of the supervision by participating in the meeting, seeing information, etc., and implements the "six consensus", and implemented the situation of the town, the various villages (community) work, study and discuss the situation. The supervision and inspection of the examination is checked and proceeded to the discovery, and the discovery is urged to change, and he will resolutely put an end to "go to the form" "discount" "to do". Strengthen the accountability of the obsession and promote the work style.

The establishment of the town discipline committee shall not regularly conduct a regular interview, the villages (community) of each village (community), against the problem of discovery, and agreement on the law, and find it together, accountability together, and alert. Up to now, there were 4 problems in the Zhizhi Town Discipline Committee, and 4 people were treated with "first form".

"Subprward, we will keep upside down the cadres’ style education to rectify the decision-making deployment, continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, and effectively promote the implementation of the cadre style education and rectification work." The person in charge of the Yuancun Town Disciplinary Committee said. (Jinsha Discipline Committee) Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.